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Universal Access and Service Fund
Bridging the digital divide by connecting the unconnected to the world
through the power of Information Communication and Technologies.
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Bridging the Digital Divide for Empowered Communities in Eswatini.
Our mission is to create an inclusive environment where the power of ICT (Information Communication Technologies) enhances the socio-economic status of Eswatini individuals and communities alike.
Through the mandate and strategic initiatives, we are dedicated to bridging the digital divide and ensuring universal access to Information and Communication Technologies.
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Accelerating progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Enhancing universal access to information communications and technology (ICT) services at an affordable cost, with a special focus on women, young people and people living with disabilities as the most marginalised.
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The UASF Programmes

Connectivity Programmes

UASF formed partnerships with private companies to improve telecommunications infrastructure in Eswatini.
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Access Programmes

The Access Programme aims to promote the use of ICTs in unserved and underserved communities.
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Capacity Building

Capacity building is about improving knowledge, skills, and abilities for universal access to ICT services.
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Public Wi-Fi Centers


ICT Laboratries for Schools


GSM Site's Built


GSM 4G Site Upgrades


Broadband Population Coverage


Broadband Geographic Coverage


Broadband Fibre Coverage


Smartphone Penetration