May 19, 2024 6:36 am

Empowering Eswatini Television Authority with State-of-the-Art Production Equipment 

The Eswatini Communication Commission (ESCCOM) has played a crucial role in enhancing Eswatini Television Authority’s production capabilities by supporting them with much-needed equipment. The contribution, comprising a range of high-quality production tools, has had a significant impact on Eswatini TV’s ability to fulfil its growing production demands. 

The equipment, which includes 7 Sony Cameras, 2 AV Matrix Switchers, 3 X Lighting sets, 3 Shure handheld Microphones, and 1 desktop, was handed over to Eswatini Television Authority by the Chief Executive of ESCCOM Mr. Mvilawemphi Dlamini and received by the former Acting Chief Executive of Eswatini TV Mr. Andreas Dlamini. This support arrived at a crucial time when the station was facing equipment shortages, with a rising demand for daily productions. 

To maximize the impact, the equipment was strategically distributed among three key departments within the station: the Production Department, News Department, and Cultural Department. Each department received equipment tailored to their specific production needs. 

The impact of this support has been far-reaching. The equipment has been utilized in a diverse range of productions, including national events like the beginning of the year National Prayer, the official opening of Parliament, and the nation’s budget speech. It has also played a crucial role in the live coverage of cultural events like the Maganu National Ceremony and the national Easter Service. 

Eswatini TV has been able to conduct multiple live transmissions simultaneously, thanks to this equipment. This was evident during events like the Umhlanga Reed Dance, Trade Fair, Gala Dinners, and the Double Celebration. The equipment also played a key role in the successful live broadcast of international events, such as the SADC (Southern African Development Community) meeting in Eswatini. 

This equipment has significantly improved the ability of different departments at Eswatini TV to produce high-quality content and meet production deadlines. The News Department has been able to cover news across all regions of Eswatini with ease. The Production Department has delivered popular programs like Golden Hour, Young Climber, Litsini Libandla, and Asambe Ke, while the Cultural Department has utilized the equipment for their live productions and international coverage. 

The impact of the equipment has not only been in increasing production but also in reducing backlogs. Eswatini TV has been able to moderate backlogs and maintain high-quality production standards. The equipment recently played a crucial role in the live coverage of the Imbube Marathon. 

The support provided by ESCCOM has undoubtedly been instrumental in empowering Eswatini Television Authority to excel in its mission of delivering high-quality broadcasts and timely content to the people of Eswatini.